DATA 9/11/2011 – Reverse Pyramid Training Dips

by James Kerrison on November 9, 2011

My upper back and hammies are still sore from Monday. The upper back is 100% from the deads and chins, but the hammies would also be a little from basketball. Overall I’m happy with how I’ve recovered after the combo, although I do have some random bruising from basketball!

reverse-pyramid- training

nice bruise from basketball

Ring Dips RPT

6 @ BW + 40kg (112)
8 @ BW + 24kg (96)
10 @ BW + 10kg (82)

Ring Pullups

11 @ BW
8 @ BW
7 @ BW

Push Ups Feet Elevated

25 @ BW
20 @ BW
15 @ BW

Barbell Complex – Deadlift, Rows, Hang Cleans, Overhead Press, Back Squats

40kg, 2 rounds, 10 reps each exercise, 90 seconds rest.


  • Trained at 13.5hrs Fasted (10g BCAA, 3g Beta Alanine, 5g creatine).
  • Dips were tough today. I didn’t quite have my balance with these and almost stopped after 3 reps. Got it done though.
  • Chins were better than last week, so progress is progress. I’m very interested to see how they go again on Monday.
  • Complex was fun, heavier weight than usual and only two sets because I was going to run late for a client. It actually felt good though, not doing it after deads or squats is a lot easier, so next time I’ll keep the weight and add another set, then drop the rest to 60 seconds, then add another set. 3 weeks worth of progressions there.
  • No muesli mastery today (again). 500 grams was enough today. Obviously my body has greater energy requirements after doing deadlifts and squats compared to ‘just dips’.

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