Deadlifting, Strength and Fat Loss

by James Kerrison on July 2, 2009

Just a quick one today.

You need to get stronger.

If you want to get better at any athletic venture, being stronger will help.

By the way, working out should be an athletic venture. I have female clients over 60 that do burpees and sprints. Get busy.

If you think the workouts you are doing are tough and working well right now, just think how effective they would be if you were 10% stronger. What if you were 20% stronger?

Think of all the extra calories your body would be burning both during and after your workout.

Sprint faster, jump higher, more reps, more weight ->more calories burnt and the closer you’ll be to the body you have always wanted.

Surprise yourself. Try adding some more weight to the bar, get someone to spot you and crank it out.

It’s not rocket science, but at the end of your next workout ask yourself this “Did I really give it my best or have I sold myself short?”

Do I practice what I preach? Hopefully by now you know that I do.

Check out the video below and leave comment below to tell me how you are going to push yourself this week.

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