Don’t Get Fat In The First Place

by James Kerrison on June 27, 2011

I was just reading this article over at T-Nation

Not your typical S-N-A-G!!


It rang so many truths I have heard from my clients that I thought I would share the best bits. It surprises me how a lot of my clients have the same struggles, yet think that they are the only ones that this happens to.

One of the biggest thing people discovered with the  12 Week Challenge and the Inner Circle is that they aren’t alone in their troubles. The people they look to for motivation and inspiration go through the same battles as they do.

Onto the article….


It’s OK to eat McDonald’s provided you make your kids push the car to get there.


Harsh but fair I suppose!

I suppose as a “Fitness Professional” I should be outraged at the obesity problem in the United States, but I’m not. I don’t have any ill will towards people who are overweight. I don’t have a vindictive attitude towards them or care to rant/rave about how awful they are. If one chooses to make a change, I’m all for it as long as I don’t have to hear the constant babble about it.

That’s not because I don’t care but because I’d rather talk about something OTHER than food, diets, trends, or whatever personal issues that stem from being overweight. If someone doesn’t want to make a change, I’m OK with that too.


A very balanced person just like myself!!

The biggest thing is that they are trying to make up for a lifetime of eating poorly, too much and not exercising. 20+ years of this lifestyle can’t be undone in a few weeks, let alone a few years.


This is a problem from both sides, fitness and marketing often clash and no one is a winner.

You may lose the weight, you may look good but that goddamn demon will always be inside you. It’s hard for me to understand this but I can empathize.


That demon inside isn’t going anywhere. I have clients that are in 200% damn good shape, yet still have a little ‘fat person’ voice inside their head telling them they aren’t good enough, fit enough, strong enough etc etc. I cannot begin to understand this on their level on another level, from my own struggles and mental challenges, I sorta get it.

We all have a cross to bear and a tax to pay – some of us have to work harder for things that others find easy. That’s the way life goes and the minute you bitch about your friend’s bench press increasing more than yours is about the time you should realize that we are NOT entitled to anything.


You gotta get out there and earn it. Life aint easy for any of us, but you have to have a go, it’s not going to be handed to you (and it would be as satisfying if it was)

I guess the point of this Spill is more directed to the parents out there and how important it is to have Physical Culture as a normal part of the family life. God knows we will leave our kids with enough neurotic tendencies and hang ups to send a few psychiatrists to Hawaii. But don’t let your grow up obese – beyond the physical ramifications, the social stigma as a teenager is brutal.

Give your kids a chance to grow up and obsess about stuff that is awesome – racing cars, writing books, playing on a stage or graduating college. And remember, it’s OK to eat McDonald’s provided you make your kids push the car to get there.


This isn’t about how to be perfect, I am not a fan of perfect, I am a fan of better. If one person reads this article and can have a positive impact on their own life or someone else’s then it’s been worth sharing.


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