Eat More Not Less

by James Kerrison on November 24, 2010

If you have ever been on a ┬ádiet you can feel restricted because of what you aren’t ‘allowed’ to eat. A lot of popular diets will also focus too much on calories and not nutrients.

It is the nutrients (vitamins, minerals etc) in the foods that will really give your body energy. Have you ever noticed that if you eat a bag of chips and a can of soda (maybe close to 1000 calories) that you feel sluggish, hungry and don’t get any real energy? It is because there’s no old fashioned goodness in these foods.

Compare that to eating even half of those calories, say 500, from the foods listed below. If you are getting those 500 calories from a big salad with the green veggies, beans and even some walnuts (over some spinach with a little flavoured olive oil, yum yum!) you will feel fuller for longer and get real energy.

Your body thrives on getting nutrients, because they are NUTRITIOUS! Chips and soda are not :)

This isn’t a complete list by any stretch but it will give you a good starting point.

Beef: It contains natural protein, creatine, B vitamins and can be quite lean depending on the cut you buy.

Eggs: Loaded with nutrition but they are also easy to transport and are quite versatile when cooking.

Broccoli: Packed with nutrients as well as fiber. You probably can’t eat too much broccoli.

Walnuts: Versatile, good fats and good fiber. You can add a small handful to almost anything, shakes, salads or grind them up and ‘crumb’ a chicken breast.

Blueberries: Antioxidants and then some. This powerful little berry also helps with brain function, vision, insulin sensitivity and is also an anti inflammatory.

Whey Protein: Not only will it help with your recovery between training sessions, but it will help you to stay full between eating sessions! This means it will help your body to burn fat while preserving your muscles which will help you burn more fat which will… get the idea.

Almonds: Studies have shown that by adding almonds to your diet you can expect to lose more weight than those that don’t eat them. Like most nuts they have good fats and good fiber, but that’s not as cool as hearing that they are great for weight loss!

Beans: Full of fiber and very low on the GI scale, beans will give you the carb hit you want without the wobbly belly that you don’t want. Just a word of warning, start with a small serve and work your way up as your stomach ‘cleans out’. Personally i like red kidney beans but they’re all good!

Cacao: Get your chocolate fix without the added sugar and fat. Not only that but cacao has a heap of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that you don’t get from regular chocolate.

It’s probably no surprise that these foods appear prominently in my Rapid Fat Loss Eating plan! Grab a free copy if you haven’t already, it will give you energy, keep you full and most importantly get rid of that fat you are looking to burn.

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