Eat Stop Eat Winners Announced

by James Kerrison on April 24, 2012

First of all I want to say a big thank you to everyone that left a comment in the Eat Stop Eat giveaway.

It was awesome to read each of the comments to see what people had experienced using Intermittent Fasting as part of their lifestyle.

The first winner is Sue who commented:

Omg eat stop eat has changed my life! I never thought o would be able to with out food and now I do 2 meals everyday and 24 hour fast 1/ week. The energy I feel is incredible, not only physically but mentally. I feel so alive and ready to live each day. Less food more energy ??? Strange! But it works. I’m alive!!! Haven’t read the book only bits on line and from James.thanks James for making me aware of eat stop eat. Dieted for ever and now don’t diet anymore and am the lightest I’ve been since I was 25, I’m now 49.

You can just sense and feel the energy that Sue has for life. The last sentence sums up for me what ESE and the intermittent fasting lifestyle is all about. Taking the focus away from food and dieting, and actually getting the results you’ve worked forever on getting.

not relevant, but cool image nonetheless

Our second winner is John who wrote:

Have just finished reading the 1st edition, would love to read the latest update before going ahead and trying this out! After nearly 12 months of calorie restricted dieting and losing 25kg I’ve become stagnant and really feel like that though that was a good way to lose initial weight, it became boring and difficult to manage, as started in the book! After staying around the same weight for 3 months, I’m keen to reset and try something new! I’m also sure I chasm stick to the weight training portion after adhering to a strength building program for the last 8 weeks!

First of all a massive round of applause for dropping 25 kilos! That’s a huge effort in itself, but then to also recognise that it was getting difficult to manage with regular forms of calorie restriction and being on the lookout for a ‘better way’ deserves some props too. ‘Reset’ is a very important word in there too. In the early stages of my fasting experience, I used that word to explain to people what I felt it did for my body and my brain. “Its just like hitting the reset button” and it does just this.

If you don’t really know much about ‘fasting’ then I suggest you read my blog post on the truth about meal frequency. Here you will see that a lot of the traditional wisdom in relation to meal timing is overrated and in fact just plain wrong. The simple theory of energy balance still holds true regardless of the number or meals you eat.

There is also my article which is about finding the best diet for fat loss. This also breaks down some of the misconceptions about ‘diets’ and why one diet will work for someone but be a total failure for someone else.

If you are still unsure what this ‘fasting’ business is all about then start by reading about my experiences with fasting here.


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