Fat Burning Workout of the week

by James Kerrison on April 8, 2009

Fat burning workouts need to be high intensity and use compound and full body exercises. The combination of using large muscle groups and minimal rest periods will shock your body into the fat burning zone. As my friend Donovan says, “There are two zones. The Comfort Zone and the Burn More Fat Zone…To get to one you have to get out of the other.

If your workouts are in the comfortable zone you won’t be maximizing your fat burning potential. Push yourself and you will realise what you and your body are truly capable of achieving.

This weeks workout has three phases. The first two consist of 5 exercises performed in a circuit fashion with no rest between exercises. Rest 90-120 seconds between circuits, and take up to 5 minutes between phases.

A1: Front Squat x 20
B1: Chins x Max (-2)
C1: Mountain Climber x 25 each side
D1: Dips x Max (-2)
E1: Clean and Press x 10

A2: Romanian Deadlift x 20
B2: Inverted Body Row x Max (-2)
C2: Stability Ball Crunch x 25
D2: Pushups x Max (-2)
E2: Burpee x 10

Finish with Medicine ball slams 3 x 30secs with 30secs rest.

Remember: You can either be in the comfort zone or the Burn More Fat zone. To get into one you have to leave the other.


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