Five Foods To Fill Your Shelves With

by James Kerrison on May 3, 2010

I love lists!

They make life easy.

It’s sort of like painting by numbers. Someone has done all of the hard work for you and all you have to do is follow along and reap the rewards.

So lets have a look at a list of five foods you should stock your shelves with.

1. Green Tea

Now before we get off on the wrong foot, i am going to say drinks count as a food. The calories definitely count, so I’m adding them to the list. But we want to add good ones, so it’s going to be green tea to kick things off. Antioxidants, increased metabolism and some calorie free fluid in the stomach is reason enough. By the way, when I say green tea, you will be buying bags or leaves not premade, sugar filled, pretend-to-be-healthy drinks.

2. Pistachios

As my daughter calls the, “the ones with the shell.” A couple of good reasons to eat these is that they taste pretty good but you also have to shell them which means you won’t eat as many! They contain plenty of goodness, boosting your immune system and lowering your cholesterol.

3. Cinnamon

Now if you have ever said to me that you don’t like spicy foods, you will know that my reply will have been “you don’t like donuts then….?” Cinnamon is a spice, however is mostly used to sweeten foods. Adding some to your oats in the morning, adding it to a shake or even adding it to some steak will help to control your body’s post meal insulin spike. In simple terms, less energy slumps and less belly fat!

4. Spinach

Spinach goes with anything. Anything! You can have it raw, steamed, or my favourite new trick – blended into your shake. Now before you turn your nose up, let it be known that adding spinach to you shake will have ZERO affect on the taste of your shake. It will make it a bit greener and add a whole lot of nutrients but will not affect the taste at all. Don’t comment on this or share an opinion until you have tried it!

5. Beans

Beans, any variety, pretty much any way. The more organic and less sauce they come with the better, but adding beans to your diet will add a heap of fibre and help to suppress your appetite. They can be added to basically anything (notice how I said basically anything…don’t add them yo your shake and blame me!) salads, eggs, meat, curries, hommus or just by themselves.

A nice little trick when filling your shelves with good foods is to take away an equal amount of bad foods. If you cannot bring yourself to throw the bad foods out, eat it. Eat it all, now. Seriously.

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