Five Ways To Accelerate Your Fat Loss

by James Kerrison on June 14, 2010

Know Your Goal

There are a number of acronyms and tools available when it comes to goal setting. The tried and true method of S.MA.R.T goals will work as will the modern I.N.S.P.I.R.E.D method. There are also some pretty powerful goal achievement programs such as the Magic Hundred which can accelerate your progress in many areas not just your fat loss. The main point here though is to have a structure, have a goal, know what it is and then have some way to you manage and achieve it.

Have a Plan

Once you have a goal worked out, you need to work on a plan to help you to get there. Hopefully you have set your goal just outside your comfort zone so that you can achieve something special and worthwhile. This is why you now need a plan. Anyone can work their way to mediocrity without a plan! But to rise up to the next level you need to know where you are going and how to get there.

Remember that you don’t need to go it alone at any stage. There are specialists that can help you at any stage and their help will also accelerate your progress.

Remove Negative Thoughts

The quickest and one of the easiest methods to getting you on the road to success is to instantly remove any negative thoughts and barriers from your mind. These will be thoughts such as why you can’t do what you are trying to do, why you couldn’t do it in the past, reasons that will make you efforts harder etc. These mental barriers will slow down or even completely halt your progress. Once you manifest these thoughts, they are much more likely to play out and become a reality. If you do have a negative thought follow it with a positive question…..

Ask Positive Questions

Instead of replacing your negative thoughts with positive thoughts and trying to tell yourself how good things are and how easy it is, ask yourself questions that lead to positive answers. What’s the difference you might ask, well consider the following. If I were to tell you that the sky is green and get you to repeat it time and time again so that you believe it, what do you reckon the chances are that you will actually believe that the sky is green? Pretty much zero. If I was to ask you what colour is the sky, you are already thinking blue. Why? Well you brain is programmed to answer questions, but remember it will try to answer all questions bot negative and positive.

So instead of asking yourself “Why am I so fat?” (in which case you mind will automatically thinking of all the reasons, over eating, not exercising etc) ask “Why do I find it so easy to lose weight?”

Your brain will automatically be thinking of the reasons why weight just seems to fall off (it’s because I exercise regularly, eat well, I’m focused on my goal etc). These positive answers are embedded deep in you mind and if you can bring them to the front you will actively believe the answers and won’t have to force positive thoughts onto yourself.

Exercise With Purpose

Exercise is great for a whole heap of reasons. One of those reasons is fat loss! If anyone questions the role of exercise in any weight loss program, question them!

The whole thing with exercise though is that there needs to be a reason why you are doing it. Some people just like a challenge and will push themselves to the limit with every workout because that’s what they do. If that’s not you then you need to be thinking of your goal, your plan, removing negative thoughts (yes exercise should be hard at times where you question why you are doing it!) and ask positive questions (Is training this hard going to make me fitter, leaner and stronger? YES, YES and YES! – Positive) (Does I want to stop because its hurts – Yes – NEGATIVE!).

Exercise with purpose and intensity. You will be amazed what you are capable when you have a crack and remove your pre set self limitations.

Putting it all together is easy. Work from the top down and reuse each step as often as you need to. There may be a number of goals you want to achieve. You may need more than one plan, but these plans need to be supportive of each other not conflicting. Change your thought habits, one thought at a time, and start lifting that training intensity TODAY!

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