Getting Portion Sizes Right

by James Kerrison on November 5, 2009

After doing some nutrition consultations lately, it has occurred to me that one of the missing links in any plan is portion control.

Once you are in a habit of eating good, healthy and tasty foods, portion control is the most important quality to master.

The good news is that there isn’t a whole lot too it, especially once you have the basics in your head (or as I do written down!)

I like to be able to quickly compare the content of foods by either reading labels or checking their numbers on the net. ( is a great, free reference)

The system I use breaks carbs and proteins into 10 gram serves and fats into 5 gram serves. This way I can look at a bag of peas and see that 75 grams will give me half a serve of my carbs.

Easy. Just add another half serve and my portion is done.

You can find a list of plenty of foods in the Eating Made Simple section.

Now when it comes to something like carbs, it is terribly easy to overeat. Consider this in terms of portion control and in terms of your waistline next time you decide that a sandwich isn’t too bad for lunch.


1/2 a slice of most breads will give you one serve of carbs.

So will 1 cup of celery, 1 cup of mushrooms and 2 cups of lettuce. All of that has the same amount of energy/calories as your 1/2 slice of bread.

No feel free to correct me, but I don’t know anyone who lines up for a sandwich consisting of 1/2 a slice of bread! Its going to be at least one, if not two or four slices.

Take your typical sandwich starting with two slices of bread. You wouldn’t raise an eyebrow eating it. But would you sit down to eat 4 cups of celery, 4 cups of mushrooms and 8 cups of lettuce. I don’t think so.

These high density, over-processed carbs are one of the factors affecting the world’s health and weight.

It also goes to show that you don’s have to, and definitely shouldn’t, go hungry when you are trying to lose weight. You just need to chose a bit more wisely and master portion control.

Let me know if this has helped you in anyway, or if there’s another topic you might like covered.

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