Heavy Rope Intervals – Conditioning Workout With Ropes

by James Kerrison on June 17, 2010

If you have ever used heavy ropes to do an interval workout you will feel my pain!

If you haven’t had the ‘pleasure’ of doing so yet, then look forward to it and make sure you add ‘Heavy Rope Intervals’ to the list of things to do before you die!

Apparently these ropes were named ‘Best New Cardio Tool of 2009′ by Men’s Health magazine and all I can say is that after a few minutes my lungs, arms, legs, shoulders……lets just say EVERYTHING was burning!

This workout was designed to be hard, fast and effective. I’m pretty sure it ticked off all of these boxes and then some! Following a 40 seconds work into 20 seconds rest interval, I did five work sets followed by a full minute rest (very generous I know!!). Do this for four rounds and you have a nice 20 minute workout. (30 minutes if you include a warm up before and lying in the foetal position for 5 minutes afterwards!)

Round One:

  1. Double Waves
  2. Alternate Waves
  3. Double Waves
  4. Alternate Waves
  5. Double Waves

Round Two:

  1. Outside Circles/Spirals
  2. Inside Circles/Spirals
  3. Double Waves
  4. Outside Circles/Spirals
  5. Inside Circles/Spirals

Round Three:

  1. Rainbows/Throws
  2. Alternate Waves
  3. Rainbows/Throws
  4. Alternate Waves
  5. Rainbows/Throws

Round Four:

  1. Double Waves
  2. Alternate Waves
  3. Inside Circles/Spirals
  4. Rainbows/Throws
  5. Outside Circles/Spirals

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