High Intensity Boxing Workouts For Fat Loss

by James Kerrison on June 28, 2010

Man I am pumped! I am totally buzzing off the energy from the boxing session I just took.

I am jealous of the people that got to actually do the workout because they just got the best workout of their life!

High intensity and high energy, that’s what every workout should be like. You only get back what you put in from any workout, that’s just a fact. It’s the same with most things in life you have to but yourself out there, challenge yourself and make it happen.

If you aren’t putting in 100% at each and every session you are severely limiting your progress and will just make it longer until you have the body you have always wanted.

That’s why boxing is such a great workout. Even on a bad day you get a great workout. In fact if you’ve had a bad day, chances are that you will get a better workout!

And it is so easy to bring it when you are doing a boxing workout. Wether you are training by yourself, with a partner or within a group there is always a lot of motivation and energy flowing.

Compare this to other workouts where you can just go through the paces and make your way from one end of the session to the other without much thought or effort. Do you think this will get you where you want to be? Unlikely my friend.

Another big tick for boxing is that it can be low (or even zero) impact which is great if you need to look after your ankles, knees or back.

So let’s get this straight. Boxing is high energy, high intensity, burns a heap of fat, gets you fit in a hurry, isn’t boring like other exercise, gets better when you are stressed, can be done solo or with a partner and is easy on the joints?

Yes, yes, yes, yes yesyesyes………and yes!

Boxing is all those things and more. That’s why I rate it as one of the best all around workouts and the best conditioning exercise you can do.

Now get boxing!

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