Hobart Personal Trainer’s Favourite Lunch

by James Kerrison on June 23, 2009

This has to be my all time favourite lunch.

Why? First of all it gets a tick in all of the nutritional boxes. Protein – Tick. Vegetables – Tick. Good Fats – Tick.

It’s dead easy to make, stores well (make it the night before) and will help you lose inches off your waist (unlike many other quick and easy lunches)

And because I have to eat it, there is a massive tick next to TASTE. That’s right, even healthy food should taste great.

The Super Ultimate Tuna Salad Lunch – Makes one large or two small serves.

160gms tuna shredded
Seasoning (salt/pepper/other mixed seasonings)
2 tsp mayo (the real, full egg stuff unless allergic)
3 Tbsp avocado (mashed)
1.5 Tbsp shredded parmesan
1 cup cucumber
1/3 cup red onion
1/3 cup chopped tomato

Throw tuna, seasoning, mayo, parmesan and avocado into a large bowl. Mix all together. Add remaining ingredients and mix lightly. Accompany with a green tea of your choice.

Afterwards, you might want to give the teeth a brush, or grab some sugar free gum. Tuna and onion, great for your body and health, not so great for the breath!!

Feel free to mix and match some of your favourite vegetables in there or let us know what special seasoning mix you are using.


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