Irony – Instant Gratification and Taking Action

by James Kerrison on March 31, 2011

Today I organised some t-shirts for my fitness facility.


Long story short, we have gone from running a bootcamp to running bootcamps in multiple locations, and opened a personal training studio in the past 18 months.


Everybody wants to get their promo gear, t-shirts, bumper stickers, drink bottles etc to show their love. And I love seeing them wear and use gear with my company’s logo on it!


So 12 months ago I got some t-shirts made up with the bootcamp logo on them. When they came through everyone wanted to get their hands on them. The quality and cost wasn’t the best so I didn’t get any more through the same supplier. I started looking at other options, and a whole year later I have finally organised some.


Total time it actually took to organise the new t-shirts? 10 minutes, maybe 20, at most 30 minutes.


As soon as I had them sorted I was so angry with myself. Yeah sure I’d just ‘made it happen’ and taken action, but seriously, I wish I’d done it ages ago.


Then it got me thinking what else I wish I had done earlier and hadn’t for no apparent reason….


The Inner Circle on the website here. Just the best thing ever for my clients, thought of doing it forever ago and got it up an running last month.

Wish I’d done that earlier.


Doing the 12 week body transformation challenge. Everyone involved is setting PB’s on a weekly (sometimes daily) basis and making amazing changes with their bodies.

Wish I’d done that earlier.


Went out to work for myself and have a kick ass gym where people actually achieve their goals.

Wish I’d done that earlier.


And there’s plenty more I could add to the list.


The thing here though is that in today’s society where instant gratification is the currency, wanting it now is the only thing everyone wants, so many people (myself included) just aren’t doing ANYTHING to make it happen.


Losing weight is easy when you eat well. You just have to make it happen. You just have to DO IT. And guess what, when you do, you will lose weight, and possible lose weight fast and be saying “Wish I’d done that earlier.”


Getting tones muscles and stronger is easy when you train regularly. You just have to make it happen. You just have to DO IT. And guess what, when you do, you will get toned and stronger pretty quickly and be saying “Wish I’d done that earlier.”



If you want it now, make it happen now. Even though saying I wish I’d done that earlier makes me feel a bit angry, it is 100% better than the feeling of knowing doing it.

(you can grab some cool apparel here –>¬† )

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