Is Visual Impact For Women A Scam?

by James Kerrison on February 2, 2011

Hey there,

I know Rusty Moore (author of Visual Impact Muscle Building) and he’s never let me down. He always comes through with the goods. But today is the 2nd of February and Rusty told me his new program, Visual Impact for Women, would be hitting the web by now…

It’s probably not Rusty’s doing, I reckon there’s some behind the scenes technical delay holding things up.

But I’m mad like a kid waiting for Christmas on the 25th, knowing I’m going to get an awesome present, and then being told Xmas has been put off until next week.

And that my friends is what you are missing out on, an awesome program, designed specifically to get women in the best shape of their lives. I feel bad for you because I know what you are missing out on, I’ve got my present already and I can’t wait for you to be able to ‘unwrap’ yours.

Visual Impact for Women, just like everything Rusty puts his name to, is the real deal. He’s not a fly-by-nighter, trying to scam you out of your hard earned. Everything he does comes with a money back guarantee, so even if its not for you, theres no risk in trying.

I know waiting is the hardest part when you know there’s something awesome just around the corner, but hold tight, Visual Impact For Women will be released ASAP.

In the meantime, check out what you are getting in the program designed specifically for women. <<– Click Here

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