Kettlebell Routines – Kettlebell Training Rules For Six Pack Abs

by James Kerrison on October 8, 2010

Kettlebell routines may be that answer to that great midsection you have always ben searching for. For years, so called fitness experts have told us that doing endless sets of crunches will get you that set of great abs. That and a low fat diet and a heap of long, slow, boring and tedious cardio and you’ll get those six pack abs.
Luckily for you we know (and ongoing research has shown us) that this old formula isn’t the most effective way to get rid of belly fat. The problem is that the idea of doing all of these situps, crunches and hours of cardio is ingrained into the psyche as being a ‘tried and true’ method.
So when I am asked (and it happens regularly) how to lose fat and get six pack abs, the answer I give is often met with a look of confusion!
Here’s what I suggest to burn that belly fat to finally see those 6-pack abs.
1. You must use full body exercises. Forget about isolating body parts  and use your body properly! Kettlebell routines turn your body into a machine that require every muscle in your body to work.
2. You must train your abs the way they were meant to be trained. Stabilizing your torso and resisting rotation are two of the main roles of your core muscles, train them to get better at these and they’ll get stronger and tighter.
3. Ditch the long cardio now and start using interval training instead.
4. Last but not least (in fact it may be the most important) you have to eat real, natural, clean food focusing on fruits & vegetables, lean protein and healthy fats. Doing this you will be limiting grains and refined carbs to absolute minimum amounts.
In a nutshell, that’s all you have to do. It doesn’t really get any simpler than that. You just have to follow those four rules and you will see the results.
If you’re using a kettlebell routine to train then it will be easy to get that six-pack as long as you follow the rules above.
And one of the best full body exercises to get that 6-pack is the Turkish Get-Up or TGU.
When broken down, TGUs involve you laying on the ground holding a KB vertical with one arm and then performing a series of movements to get you standing upright. Then you reverse these movements back down to the starting position.
Sounds simple enough, but let me tell you, when you use a heavy kettlebell and use proper technique, it’s going to be as hard as any other exercise out there.  Trust me, it will challenge you like no other KB exercise you’ve tried before.
It’s important to remember that one of the main benefits of training with kettlebells is to make things simple and give us an alternative to  going to the gym. If you can train at home using a kettlebell, the precious time saved can be spent doing more meaningful and impactful things such as spending time with your families & friends. If you don’t have any at home, make sure the place you train at has kettlebells and uses interval training in their sessions.
But it’s not just what we do in these workouts that gives us 6-pack abs and low % body fat. Just as important is but what we do for the rest of the day.
First of all are you getting enough sleep?
Are you able to handle your stress levels?  (Stress will always be part of our lives, so the real key is finding a way to properly handle it)
Are you eating whole, natural, unprocessed foods?
Stop poisoning your body and making it harder for you to recover from session to session. Improve your eating habits and you’ll be able to train harder, more often and get that six-pack sooner rather than later.
Don’t get me wrong here though, exercise plays a massive role in getting lean.  After all, we all still need to move more and eat less, but both the quality of both the exercise and the food will be just as important.
Get on the right track with the four rules above, grab that kettlebell and aim for at least three high quality kettlebell routines per week. Follow this formula and you’ll get there in no time at all.
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