Kettlebell Workout Routines – Best Lower Body Kettle Bell Exercises

by James Kerrison on October 7, 2010

Kettlebell workout routines should always include lower body and upper body exercises. In this article you are going to learn the 5 best lower body kettlebell exercises you can do to both gain muscle and burn fat.  Even more importantly though, is with these exercises you will begin to realize the flexibility kettlebell workouts offer in terms of convenience, portability and how they can fit into your busy lifestyle.

The first exercise we are looking at is the Double Kettlebell Front Squat. You start out by holding the KBs at shoulder height in the rack position. From here push your hips back first and then bend your knees. Keep lowering as deep (or low)  as you can while keeping your abs braced. This should be below parallel but ideally in a ‘rock bottom’ position. From here, keeping that tight core brace, lift the chest and drive on back up.

The second exercise is called the Tactical Lunge. It is similar to your regular lunge but with a twist. First of all, take on leg backwards and as you are lunging take the KB underneath your front thigh and switch hands. Come back up into the starting position and repeat as you alternate sides. Be sure to keep your torso upright and core braced throughout.

The third lower body KB exercise is the Pistol (or one legged) Squat. To get started you’ll need the KB in the rack posiiton. Take one leg off the ground and balance with your other leg out in front of you. From here, squat down as low as you can go, and drive back up. Do all reps for one side and then switch. To start with you may want to use a step or box to reduce your range of movement until your strength increases. As you get stronger, decrease the height of the box and increase the range.

The fourth exercise to do for your lower body is the One Leg Rear Deadlift. The first three exercises work the front of the thighs (quadriceps), whereas this will focus a lot the back of your legs. mainly your hamstrings. To start withhold the KB with both hands in front of you like you would a normal deadlift. Then take one leg off the floor and move it slightly behind you. Next, push your hips back keeping your back straight and abs braced. Lower the kettlebell to the floor and come back up squeezing your glutes and hamstrings for a powerful contraction.

The last (but definitely not least) exercise is the Turkish Get-up. This is a tough full body exercise that will not only work your lower body but also target your abs and arms.

Starting by lying on your back, hold the KB overhead with one arm extended making sure that your elbow doesn’t bend. Bend the leg on the same side as the arm holding the KB. Next, you want to lift your torso up and get into the lunge position and stand up tall. Now, to return back to your lying down position, drop your opposite knee to the ground, then your opposite hand, followed by bringing your leg through to the front and then drop your torso down and slowly lower back down to the ground, all while maintaining that pushed out position with the arm. This is quite a technical and difficult exercise that can take some learning. Start with a light weight and work on your technique before loading up heavier.

These are some incredibly effective exercises for your lower body that should be part of every kettlebell workout routine. They can all be done in only a small space with just one or two kettlebells.  Simple, fast, and supremely powerful.

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