Killer Time Saving Workout

by James Kerrison on September 11, 2009

Ok straight into it today with another quick, challenging workout. This workout is designed to tick off the boxes of strength, fitness and fat loss. And sitting here writing it up , I’m not sure which is harder, doing the workout or general moving for the next two days!

Set up a barbell for deadlifts and a kettlebell for swings. I used 100kgs and 30kgs respectively. In between these two exercises you will do pushups. Choose a level, easier or harder, for the pushups depending on your strength.
After you have warmed up you will do the three exercises in a circuit. First round do 20 reps, second round do 15 reps and third round do 10 reps (that’s of each exercise). Rest ad much as you need to but as little as possible throughout.
Remember if you aren’t questioning why you are doing this at some stage, then chances are you aren’t working hard enough.
After you have done all three rounds, take s few minutes to gather your breath and you breath.
Next move onto the chin up bar armed with a stopwatch. All you want to do here is start the timer and do one chin up. When the timer gets to one minute, you want to do two chin ups. Continue adding one chin up per minute until you can no longer keep up. This may seem easy to begin with but it will catch up to you quick enough. I managed to get up to eight reps before calling it quits.
That’s it. Roughly 30 minutes in length but one supreme workout the did have me questioning why I was doing it!!
Let me know how you go.

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