Killer Upper Body Workout demonstrated by James Kerrison Personal Training Hobart

by James Kerrison on May 28, 2009

Want a killer upper body workout? Something that is going to get the job done in minimal time? Check this out.

You know, it really bugs me when people say that they don’t have enough time to train. I can vouch for the fact that time is a very valuable commodity, in fact it is probably one of the most valuable to me at the moment.

But here’s the thing. You don’t need to be spending hours upon hours in the gym. If you are doing nothing, then simply doing something will be better. If you can spare 30 minutes 3-4 times per week then you can still make improvements by increasing your fitness, increasing your strength and burning more fat. Not to mention that by exercising with some intensity you will become more efficient at work, have more energy and decrease your own (and the nations) healthcare costs. Not bad for a few investments of 30 minutes hey?

So what do I do in 30 minutes that will help me to get leaner, stronger, fitter and sexier?

Well I would break it down like this.

If you can only do three days, then one day would be interval sprint session (bike, running, swimming doesn’t matter), day two would be the Killer Upper Body Workout (video below) and day three would be a full body circuit.

If you can get the four days in there I would simply double up on one of the workouts. It doesn’t have to be too complex. Either redo your favourite workout or just restart the cycle above from the sprint session.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot. This post was supposed to be about my new upper body workout. I sort of went off on a tangent there!!  Here’s the video.

If you like these hard and fast workouts, and really want to get great shoulders and arms, then you should have a look at my Home Boxing Workouts program.

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