Last Call – Rapid Fat Loss Eating Plan

by James Kerrison on March 10, 2011

The time has come.

It’s time that I stopped giving away the best of my secrets for free.

You see my Rapid Fat Loss Eating Plan has been the corner stone of many fat loss transformations and it is a great resource for anyone who wants to lose weight.

It started out from the blueprint that my wife, Racheal, and I used after the birth of our twin girls. There was a few recipes that we used day in and day out that were tasty, easy to prepare and full of good nutrition.

Not long after Racheal started training again, people were asking her what she had been doing to lose the ‘baby weight’. Her answer was ‘nothing, just eating well’ but then of course everyone wanted to know EXACTLY that we had been eating.

So I put it all to paper which gave us the original Rapid Fat Loss Eating Plan. It started off with about eight recipes, two each for breakfast, lunch, dinner and some snacks. This was great for us after the birth of the twins, because ‘simple’ was worth a whole lot to us!! Two choices, alternate each day if we wanted to. Shopping was easy, preparation was easy and there was no time thinking about what was for dinner.

Since then we have added a whole heap of recipes (30 in total now) including vegetarian options as well as instructions on how to make it work for guys and girls.

It does take me a large amount of time to prepare, test and tweak all of these recipes, so I have made the decision to stop giving it away.

The Original Rapid Fat Loss Eating Plan will be available in it’s current form for FREE. You can grab a copy by putting your name and email in the box at the top of the page.

All future updates will only be available to my personal clients and Inner Circle members (details on that to come very soon).

If you haven’t got a copy yet, enter your details and I’ll send one through.

Here’s what’s on the menu….

  • Super Ultimate Blender Bomb
  • Easy Eggs
  • Berry Surprise
  • Super Quick Shake
  • Strawberry Shake
  • Cinnamon Soy Shake
  • Feta and Spinach Eggs
  • Peaches and Cream Omlette
  • Tasty Tuna Salad
  • Mexican Chicken Salad
  • Super Ultimate Salad
  • Broccoli and Beans
  • Steak with Peppers and Onions
  • Mediterranean Tofu Salad
  • Classic Steak and Veggies
  • Full of Flavor Chicken
  • Coconut Fish with Nut Salad
  • This Can’t Be a Diet Chicken
  • My Famous Chili Beef
  • Not Your Average Veggie Chili
  • Black Bean and Portobello Cakes
  • Chocolate Pudding
  • Blueberry Cheesecake
  • Raspberry Blender Bomb
  • Blueberry Blender Blast
  • Too Easy Berries and Yogurt
  • Chocolate Peanut Butter Ice Cream
  • Blueberry Ice Cream
  • Blueberry Ice Cream 2.0
  • Sally’s Raspberry Ice Cream

That’s a serious list right there!

Enjoy your food!

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