Life Lessons from the Flea Market

by James Kerrison on May 5, 2009

You never know where or when you might be about to learn a lesson in life. But the truth of the matter is that there is probably something to learn everyday if you are willing to open your mind and identify the opportunity.

Yesterday I had our old fridge listed for sale in the ‘Flea Market’ section of the local newspaper. It had all the usual detail but I also put in the ad for calls after 3pm only. This was mainly because I was going to be away from the phone for most of the day, but I also didn’t want to be fielding calls all day after selling it to some early bird at 6am!

3:01 the phone rings and it is the first prospect ringing about the fridge. After discussing some minor details, the prospect was happy to come around and all things being as described, purchase the fridge.

3:15 the phone rings again. This time I grab the guys details and tell him I have someone coming over and that I will get back to him either way, sold or unsold.

3:30 the first prospect comes around, looks at the fridge and buys it.

3:35 I sadly inform the second guy that the fridge has been sold.

5:20 Another call, sorry buddy, too slow.

6:30 Another call, sorry buddy, way too slow.

8:22 Another call, are you kidding me, not a chance, way too slow.

Today, 3 calls. If I had more fridges I could be selling them all week!

So here’s the lesson.


Not later, not tomorrow but now.

There is always going to be a reason why the timing isn’t perfect. But if you are waiting for the perfect time you won’t ever do anything.

This can apply to anything in life, not just your health and fitness goals. Work, financial, relationships the list goes on.

If there is something you have been delaying, Start Now.

Make it happen.

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