My Number One Fat Burning Tip

by James Kerrison on March 2, 2010

This one might hit you with a bang!

It might hit you with a thud.

Or you may think there’s nothing new here.

However, even if you have heard this before, are you doing it?

I don’t know exactly where I read it but the other day I saw a quote that said

“An ounce of ACTION, is worth a tonne of KNOWLEDGE”

I couldn’t agree more. There’s no point knowing what to do if you aren’t putting it into action.

Recognise when you are knowing more than you are doing, and make the next step an active one not a learning one.

Alright, enough of the preaching, let’s have this fat burning tip.

Well here in sunny Tasmania, we have fantastic produce. High quality meat, fruit, veggies, berries etc. And when they are in season there seems to be a massive oversupply. I can only assume this because, for instance, we can currently buy local strawberries for between $2-$3 per kilo. Now to me that is a massive bargain, as well as an environmentally sound one as well (when compared to buying interstate or internationally sourced berries).  Even frozen imported ones are at least double, if not 3-4 times the cost.

Blueberries, $10-$15 a kilo, fresh, local, organic.

Bananas, up to $2 a kilo, fresh, local, (not sure on the organic for this one)

So what does this have to do with fat loss…….

Well when I saw how cheap these were and that I could get local goods for less than their imported buddies, I thought now is the time to stock up. But there is a problem, our freezer sits underneath the fridge and is good for about two weeks of storage, no where near enough space to stock up for the winter. So I decided to go shopping for freezers, long story short, I am going to use the unused half of my parents one!

Now these fruits and berries are very nutritious but they also freeze well. Even better, they are great in shakes when you prepare then frozen. So what I have done is buy up on all the available, inseason, cheap berries and bananas and set them to freeze. Some I have left in the bulk bags (~1kg) and others I have put into 1/2 cup, 3/4 cup and 1 cup serves. With the banana, remove the skin and cut into small slices so you don’t kill your blender!

So now I have ready to go, already prepared, serves of highly nutritious ingredients for my shakes, desserts or just as a snack by themselves. You only have to do it once in a blue moon, and you will be saving yourself both time and money into the future.

There you go, my number one fat burning tip for today is to buy a freezer (or at least use one!) Turn your frozen section into a fat burning dream, not a fat burning nightmare like the frozen section at the supermarket!

Not necessarily a revolutionary idea, but definitely one that many people won’t be utilising….until now of course.

Let me know what you think, your ideas, or any way this idea can be improved.

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