Random Thoughts – Volume Five

by James Kerrison on October 25, 2011

  • Drink more water.
  • Drink more tea.
  • If you want, drink more coffee. There’s enough studies to show the benefits. There’s probably just as many saying it will kill you, or worse, if you like it drink it, but drink it black!
  • Eat your damn veggies. Do I care which ones? Did a caveman eat it? Now I care even less. Seriously, who got sick, overweight or chronically unhealthy from eating too many veggies…….thought so.
  • Same goes for fruit. It’s good for you. If you want to argue this point, we can discuss it over a dozen donuts.
  • I love eating meat, but I believe there is benefit in having a day without it every now and then.
  • If you have a big appetite and have trouble with portion control try this – 500ml water before eating a chicken breast with a heap of green veggies followed by a serve of protein fluff. That right there is food volume, quality nutrients, and calorie restriction all in one.
  • Think chicken and veggies is boring? You my friend need to buy some spices. There’s a few hundred options there, then you can add some herbs, a few more options there, and then when you’ve done that, start mixing them together. Get back to me when you’re done.  Most people can get by with salt, pepper, chilli and garlic.
  • Back to the protein fluff, with whey its all about the frozen berries, with casein you have more room for error.
  • You’re never going to be too strong. Ever.
  • When you are stronger, you can do more ‘stuff’. I know its a technical term, but when you can do more stuff you have more options and can do even more stuff. This is a good thing.
  • Get stronger lifting your own body weight, then start adding weight to these exercises, or making them harder.
  • While were are on the subject, there is no such thing as ‘girl’ or ‘man’ pushups, especially when you consider the girls I train are stronger than a lot of men I know! Do them on your knees, on your toes, with rings, with kettle bells, feet elevated, hands elevated, whatever level you need.
  • If you can’t do chins, dips, pushups, pull ups with your body weight you need to get stronger, leaner or both.
  • For most people, chin ups can substitute for scales and body fat measurements. Can’t do them? Get leaner and stronger.
  • You still need to lift heavy weights. The best way to do this is deadlift or squat. Which is the best? Either, neither, both. It doesn’t matter, just deadlift or squat and get stronger.
  • If I had to choose one conditioning exercise it would be kettlebell swings. Do them.
  • If I had to chose a second one, it would be sleds. Do them if you can.
  • Got some stress, then boxing (pad work) with a partner might trump swings and sleds.
  • If your ‘exercise equipment’ has a TV on it don’t use it.
  • If you can watch TV while you ‘exercise’ you are getting an ‘easy out’ not a ‘workout’.
  • High intensity intervals should be your first option for conditioning. You should need to rest in the ‘rest’ part of the interval, otherwise it isn’t ‘high intensity’.
  • Walking should be next and is a great recovery tool.
  • Getting the mail, walking the dog, and playing with your kids isn’t exercise. It’s living. That’s stuff you should be doing anyway.
  • Run if you want, I actually don’t care, but don’t come to me if you’ve hurt yourself running or it is just making you tired.
  • Sleep is the number one tool for recovery. Get enough. For you. Some people need more than others, some less.
  • Don’t use sleep deprivation as an ongoing excuse. I get it, we all get tired, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do work.
  • Foam roll everyday. Think of it like brushing your teeth, a little every day is better than a big hit once a week.
  • If you don’t have a foam roller get a tennis ball and a rolling pin. Seriously.
  • On that note, if you bring me a problem, I’ll give you a solution, you best not be coming back with an excuse next time.
  • If rolling finds some tight areas, give them a stretch as well.
  • Everyone should take fish oil unless you’re allergic to it, or it makes you stop breathing. How much? Probably more than you think, 3-6 grams of EPA/DHA is about right for most. Read the label, this isn’t 3-6 tablets.
  •  You might not like to count calories but your body does. Weight loss is about having a deficit. Weight gain is about having excess. It can become more complex than this but 99% of the time it isn’t.
  • Your body lies to you. (and I borrow quotes off John Broz). So many times I have seen people come into the gym, flat, tired, sore and then go on hit a PB. Rach did it last week, deadlifting 115kgs with a sore leg. Don’t use this quote to be dumb and really hurt yourself but if you stop every time you’re sore or tired you’d never do a thing.
That clears some space in my head! I want to know what you’re thinking though?
Do you have any questions about any of this? Or are you just another drone following the crowd?
Leave a question or comment below…..

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