Random Thoughts – Volume One

by James Kerrison on June 17, 2009

Things have been hectic here at the batcave! Bootcamp is up and running, babies are on the way, radio stations are calling me for interviews.

So to sum up my way of thinking lately, here are 10 random thoughts that may or may not be of any help to you!

  1. Find a job you like and you will never work a day in your life.
  2. When in doubt, try to have fun.
  3. Be genuine with people.
  4. Always offer to help someone who has helped you. Life should be a two way street.
  5. If you want to achieve something, write it down and commit yourself to doing it. You can only fail by not trying.
  6. There can be many correct answers to the one problem/question.
  7. Be ready, be proactive and get it done. That’s when you will start to be ‘lucky’.
  8. Be happy to agree to disagree with other people. See number 6.
  9. If you’re not assessing you’re guessing.
  10. Family time rocks!

Maybe you can add a random thought that has been on your mind recently. You never know, someone mught need to hear it.

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