Six Week Transformation Challenge 2011 – Week One Observations

by James Kerrison on November 15, 2011

We’ve just finished the first week of a Six Week Transformation challenge I’m running at Citywide Fitness and there are some observations I have made.

Even though the diet and training advice I have been giving hasn’t changed, the people doing the challenge have had a laser sharp focus.

They have thought about their number one goal. This is what everything they are doing will come back to. Their actions will either be bringing them closer to this goal or taking them further away from it.

It’s amazing how many small positive changes are made in the right direction when you know where you want to go.

One of the biggest problems for my clients was finding this number one goal, because there are plenty of ancillary goals that are very closely related to this first one. This isn’t a problem but when your number one goal is to achieve three or four things then you can’t be laser focused!

We have a few ninja mind tricks in the challenge and these are all about getting your head in the right place to make change. Sometimes simple questions such as “Why are you doing the 6 Week Challenge?” will lead to some deep thought and change provoking action.

For most people the training side of the equation is pretty easy to get right. If you are training by yourself then it can be harder, but given that none of our clients train just by themselves this is the easy part (turn up and the training will take care of itself).

Training though is only good for about 30% of your results. So no matter how much or how good your training is, the maximum change this will give you is about 1/3.

The other 2/3rds will come from what you eat and this is where most people have the biggest struggle.

I highly recommend some form of fasting as an approach to help with weight loss, but this is more about the changes that occur in your head and not the changes that occur around your waistline.

Everyone doing the challenge gets the same ‘talk’ from me with the same info and the same advice, just with little tweaks and individualisation. Almost every single person that hadn’t tried fasting previously met the idea with some resistance. A lot of them didn’t think they could do a 2 Meal approach (not having breakfast) let alone a Eat Stop Eat approach (24 hour fast). But guess what, not surprisingly (for me anyway) everyone that has tried it has found it easy and had more time and energy as a result.

The biggest plus for me as a trainer is that this has had an impact on their mindset and approach to food, cravings, feelings, thoughts and preconceived ideas of what was possible with their eating and lifestyle. This is a good thing!

Changes to your lifestyle, eating and even training should be small, simple and powerful. Make a small change and master it before moving on. If you try to change too much then chances are none of the changes will stick.

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