Super Fat Burning Workout Routine

by James Kerrison on March 11, 2009

This fat burning workout routine is one that is getting great results. I had a client today that wanted to lose some belly fat. Pretty much something that happens everyday!!

To his suprise the workout I gave him had no crunches, situps, or other ‘ab’ exercises. After countless hours of doing these exercises in an effort to get some stomach fat loss, he had developed a strong functioning core. All I needed to do was help him to shed the layer of body fat that was hiding these great abs!

After covering some nutrition basics, he walked away with the following workout:

3 circuits of:

Barbell Squat x 12-15
Chin Ups x Maximum -2
Step Ups x 12-15
Push Ups x 12-15

Rest 2 minutes between circuits

3 circuits of:

Static Lunge x 12-15
Seated Row x 12-15
SB Leg Curl (1 leg) x 12-15
Dips x Maximum -2

Rest 2 minutes between circuits

Fat Burning Cardio Intervals:

2 minute warm up
5 x 30 seconds hard – 90 seconds easy
3 minute cool down.

Have a go at this fat burning workout routine, 2-3 times per week, for the next month and you will be seeing those long lost abs once again!

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