The Confidence Switch

by James Kerrison on March 24, 2011

I just finished reading a quick article and thought I would share it
with you. The truth is that I only read the title and the summary,
so I can’t vouch for the actual article, but I’ll share the good bits
with you!

Confidence is a Skill
Confidence is a choice. Not only a choice, but a skill you can learn.

You can train yourself to become confident in the same way that you
can train your muscles to become larger and stronger.

• Cease all negative self-talk.

• Disregard all negative statements from others.

• Engage in positive self-talk.

• Be realistic and patient in your goals.

• Use small victories as stepping stones to larger ones.
Work on your attitude like you work on your physical training. In time, no
obstacle will stand between you and success.

You can read the original article here


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