The Fat Burning Kitchen Review

Fat Burning Foods or... Fat-Storing Foods?

You may be surprised that many of the foods in your cabinets that you thought were "health foods" are actually making you fatter...

fat-burning-kitchenThe Fat Burning Kitchen is an ebook written by internationally renowned trainer and nutrition expert, Mike Geary. Co-author for the book was certified nutritionist, Catherine Ebeling.

This book was written with two main goals. First of all to show you which foods you might label as 'good' and will help you to get or remain healthy and help your body to burn more body fat faster. Secondly, to expose the 'bad' foods which will cause your body to resist burning fat and actually make your body hold onto and store more body fat.

Fat Burning Kitchen is an easy ready even though it is 121 pages long. Actually the ebook is divided into 2 parts which also makes it easy reading.

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Part One: Here you'll find 10 chapters in which you learn all about the foods that you should cut out of your diet as soon as possible if you want to boost the internal fat burning processes inside of you. Let me warn you in advance that some of these foods may surprise you because there are many foods which are considered healthy but can make you body cling to its fat.

For instance, the ebook exposes some pretty nasty things about products made of corn and certain energy bars.

Part Two: The second section gets quite interesting with its 13 chapters.  It teaches you how to fill your kitchen with fat burning food which can help you function better, feel better, and be healthier. This is why the ebook is called The Fat Burning Kitchen, because the food you eat has a direct and dramatic effect on how easy or hard it will be for you to shed body fat.

Again, you may find some of the food items in this section to be surprising. However, Mike and Catherine really do know what they are talking about  and I trust everything he says about burning body fat.

There are some great recipes in this ebook and they are a bit different from your usual fat burning recipes. This alone makes the book worth getting.

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Top Topics To Read

1) Which protein bars or energy bars are actually candy bars in disguise and which bars are actually good for you -- pg.50

2) The real deal on saturated fat and cholesterol, and why they are essential in your diet -- pg.59

3) Are sports drinks stifling your fat-burning?

4) Whole eggs or egg whites?  easy answer -- pg.65

5) Which fruits and veggies are okay to choose non-organic -- pg.94

There is a new bonus section in which Mike shows you exactly how he went down from 10.2% body fat percentage to a 6.9% in just 23 days. You'll be surprised how easy this can be when you have the right eating and exercise plan.

I Highly Recommend 'The Fat Burning Kitchen'

I am so impressed with the Fat Burning Kitchen because it really is a simple solution for eating a healthy diet that promotes permanent fat loss.

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