The Killer Quad Circuit

by James Kerrison on July 15, 2009

Today we have the pleasure of a guest post from up and coming strength coach Marcello ‘Chel’ Marchioli.chel

Now I must admit that I haven’t tried this one out, but Chel tells me that he used it with one of the high level soccer teams he trains and that the boys were sore for a few days!

The Killer Quad Circuit is one I designed for a pre-season training session earlier this year. Pre-season is a good time to mix it up because there is only so much running and drills you can do before you go crazy.

The circuit has 6 exercises and each player partners up with a team mate. It is interval based which is a favorite technique of mine to use for boosting fitness and fat loss. While one player works for 30 seconds the other player rests before they move on to the next exercise to complete.

We mix it up between a resistance exercise and a running exercise to keep the legs working but also give them a slight break.

1. Diamond Shuttles – Mark a diamond with 4 markers. Run forwards and touch the cone, travel backwards to the bottom cone, and travel back to the middle then move laterally to each side marker.

2. Plyometric Lunges – Do a split lunge and as you come up jump as high as you can. Before you come back to the ground alternate legs and complete the lunge on the opposite side. Keep it quality and controlled throughout with a focus on vertical power.

3. Box run – Set up a box with 4 cones 3m apart from each other. Run forwards to the first cone. Side step to the next cone, run backwards to the next cone and travel sideways to the start.

4. Burpees – Start at the top of a push up position, kick both feet up towards your hands and then explode up into the air. Once you land put your hands to the ground first and then kick you feet back to make the push up position you started in.

5. Shuttles – Set 5 cones in a straight line, one at 0m (start) 5m, 10m, 15m and 20m. Run forwards to the cone, touch it and then run backwards. Start with 5m and work your way to 20m

6. Squat Jumps – Complete a squat, once you hit a good 90 degree angle with your legs, explode up and jump as high as you can with your arms above your head.

Repeat three times for a total of roughly 20 minutes.

This is a good session to do as a change up to your normal lower body workout or instead of a typical cardio session. But expect to have some sore quads for the next day or two.

For more of Chel’s workouts and other training insights be sure to check out his blog


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