The Truth About Insulin

by James Kerrison on October 11, 2011

There are plenty of hot topics in the health, fitness and weight loss industry. And there isn’t much grey are when it comes to opinions either. You are either totally for an idea and think theres no other way, or totally against it and can’t believe the stupidity of the ‘believers’.

Luckily science doesn’t care too much for grey. Science is more of a black and white kinda guy.

Science and its cousin ‘bro-science’ (aka myths) often get confused, with the latter taking on the image of the former. In other words, health and fitness myths are all over the place. In fact sometimes they get very out of control.

Unfortunately the hormone insulin has copped a whole lot of this bro-science and has been treated unfairly. If you ‘know’ that insulin is bad for you and bad for weight loss then I would suggest you keep reading….

James Kreiger from Weightology Weekly has put together a whole series looking the the science and truth about insulin. It’s a bit of reading, but well worth it. (plus its broken up into 5 parts which makes it a lot easier to … digest!)


“Carbohydrates get a bad rap because of their effect on insulin, but protein stimulates insulin secretion as well.”


“Many people like to blame obesity and weight gain on insulin, but exenatide, which restores insulin spikes in type 2 diabetics, causes weight loss”


“If the carbohydrate/insulin hypothesis were true, then we would predict that foods that are extremely insulinemic would be uniquely fat promoting.”


“Unfortunately, it is very difficult to overcome dogma, and even though this concept of insulin was shown to be wrong in the 1970′s, it still continues to be taught to this day.”


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