Things I Like – Five Books To Read This Year

by James Kerrison on January 14, 2010

I has been said that you are (or will become) the net result of the books you read, videos you watch, seminars you attend and your circle of influence. Let’s have a look at five books I’m reading (or have read) and that you should too!

Predicably Irrational – Dan Ariely


At times this one reminds me of Seinfeld. It looks at why otherwise smart people make unusual, irrational (or stupid) decisions. It will give you a different angle on what you would think are normal, everyday instances. As you may know I like to see things a bit differently and am always questioning convention – this one is right down my alley!


Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway – Susan Jeffers


What’s holding you back from doing and achieving what you really want to do? Chances are it is some sort of fear. We have been conditioned since birth to be careful and in essence fearful of consequences. Turn that fear and indecision into action and results. Reading the first chapter of this book was enough to convince me that this is a book for everyone.


Think And Grow Rich – Napoleon Hill



An all time classic on conquering your mindset for success. Once again, you can pick up this book, read a chapter and gain further insight into yourself. The funny thing with this book is that each time you read it you will get something more from it. You will adapt the words to your current situation even if you saw the same words to mean something completely different before. 


Just Say No To Cardio – Craig Ballantyne


Craig is the author of the very popular and successful ebook and training system, Turbulence Training. He goes against the old rules of fat loss and cardio and uses new, proven techniques to burn belly fat in the shortest amount of time possible. This book is basically a print version of the original program (which you can get for only $5 by clicking here) so if you already have that then there’s no need to double up. 


The 150 Healthiest Foods on Earth – Jonny Bowden


This is a great read, especially when you are looking for yet another reason to eat well. Unbiased in his opinions, you also get to see the top 10 lists from a whole host of other experts. Lots of interesting facts and research finding are quoted throughout this great reference.

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