Things I Like – Volume One

by James Kerrison on September 22, 2009

There are hundreds, actually make that thousands, of products out there that are the next best thing. They promise the world and instead deliver an atlas.
So in this series, “Things I Like” you get to bypass the trial and error stage as I have done that for you. Listed below are, you guessed it, things I like! They have either made my life either more productive or more successful in one way or another and thats why I am passing on my recommendation.

1. Magic Bullet Blender
You might think with all the endorsements I give this that I’m on their payroll. I wish I was, but it is just my genuine opinion. It’s quick, easy, powerful and versatile.
With the Magic Bullet you can very quickly make your favorite nut meal, nut butter, protein shake, soup or blended breakfast.

2. Poach Pods
These little silicone pods are the lazy mans answer to poached eggs. Simply get a pot of water, drop the pods in, spray with some oil and crack the egg directly into the pod. Crank up the heat and when the water starts to boil turn off the heat and put a lid on the pot. Leave them for a minute if you like the yolks runny and leave them for a few minutes if you like the yolks hard.

3. Lynx Grips
I have had one pair of these grips for 18 months and they would go through 2-3 workouts a day between my clients and myself. What’s more, there aren’t any signs of wear and tear on these bad boys! Compare that to your average pair of gym gloves. Another bonus with the Lynx Grips is that they will actually help you grip the bar. This is an added bonus if you tend to get sweaty palms when you train of if your gym doesn’t allow lifting chalk.

4. Swiss Diamond Cookware
Before I bought my first Swiss Diamond the most I had spent on a fry pan was about $20. You can sense my nervous anticipation for when I handed over around $150 for this whiz bang fry pan that was going to change my life! Well, after using it once, I have been recommending it to everyone. Yes it is that good, and whats even better is that they have come down in price since I first bought one. I now have three, two of the fry pans and once deeper dish. In all seriousness I would use this just about every day. Cooking is a breeze on it and cleaning is just as easy.

There you have four of my favourites. All of which have made my life easier and more productive.

Just the way life should be.

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