Things I Like – Volume Two

by James Kerrison on November 10, 2009

Here’s a quick look at some more things I like for various reasons!

1. Fred and Friends

These guys design cool stuff! I like pretty much anything they make, and yes you do have to pay a bit more for the cool designer look! Recent additions to our collection include the M-Cups (not what you might be thinking!!) You can check out all of their cool kitchen stuff which make cooking even more fun!!


2. Australian Kettlebells

Now, Australian Kettlebells aren’t any different to any other kettlebells, but the guys there have a great range of training gear that I not only use but totally recommend. They have bands, bags, ropes, rings, clubs, vests and kettlebells of course! We always use their gear at our Hobart Bootcamp for Women with great effect!


3. Dr. Jonny Bowden

Not that Dr Jonny is just a thing, but all of his products are first class. I have a few of his books, CD’s and always get something from reading his articles. He has a very solid academic background and all of his information is based on research. He also stays up to date with the latest findings and as such from following his writing you stay right on point with all the current research. You might not like that sort of thing but I do, hence it’s place on this list!


4. Tea

Tea is a drink. But it is more than just one drink. If you say you don’t like tea, then you had better have tried them all because of the few hundred thousand or so variations available there is going to be one you like. If you haven’t already have a quick look at my article on tea. There are plenty of health benefits associated with drinking tea, but they also help to keep you hydrated and feeling full. You can get some sweet teas if you are looking for something to fill the 3pm gap, such as the Qi White and Fruity Tea.


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