Time and Time Again!

by James Kerrison on September 5, 2009

If there’s one thing that has been obvious in the first few weeks of getting two new additions to the family, it’s that time is of the essence.

Every day activities seem to take a bit longer and before you know it you are running late and behind the eight ball.


Typically this translates into rushed eating and missed training sessions. Not a great combination when you want to be at your peak both physically and mentally.
So what can you do to combat this common problem? Well prevention is always better than a cure so use some protection! But assuming the kids are planned then you will also need some sort of a plan to make sure you stay on track with your eating and training.

1. Pre-make meals and freeze them so you have well prepared, healthy options at the ready. The best way to do this is to make a double or triple batch of your recipie and store the leftovers.
2. Have a plan ‘B’ for in between meals and so you don’t miss a meal. All you need for this is a few zip lock bags. In one put a serve of mixed nuts (almonds, cashews and walnuts work for me), and in the other have a serve of your favorite protein powder. Throw those in a large shaker and you have all your nutritional bases covered in on neat package.
3. Don’t train for more than 45 minutes per session and see how much you can cram into a 30 minute session. If you need some ideas make sure you have a look at these workouts. Keep your rest periods short and avoid isolation exercises.
4. If you only have 20 minutes a few times per week then your best option is to do some tabatas. If the word tabatas is foriegn to you then have a look at this Tabata Workout.

Keep an eye out for some more short, sharp and hard workouts which will be posted as soon as I have given them a test run and the thumbs up!

Update: Posted the first one yesterday! Check it out here –>> Time Saving Super Workout

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