Time Saving Super Workout

by James Kerrison on September 3, 2009

There are all sorts of names floating about for this type of workouts (complexes, circtuis, Cross Fit Style) but all that matters is that this is one half hour of strength, conditioning and pain that will get you in shape quick!

This workout is a modified version of the Beastly Circuit from Ashley Jones who is the Strength and Conditioning coach with the rugby team, the Crusaders.

Take one barbell (I have done it with 30kgs and 35kgs total weight, trust me, that’s plenty!) and perform the following exercises for six repetitions each before moving onto the next exercise in the series.

1. Deadlift
2. Power Clean
3. Front Squat
4. Push Press
5. High Pull
6. Bent Over Row
7. Romaniam Deadlift

So that’s 42 reps without any rest. Be sure to use a weight that you can lift on your weakest exercise of the series. You might find that your grip struggles at some stage, push through the pain but not if it compromises your safety.

Once you have done your 42 reps, jump on a stationary bike and go as hard as you can stomach for two minutes.

That’s one of six rounds. it should take between 20-25 minutes to complete all six rounds and that’s when the real ‘fun’ begins!

To finish you need to do one round, yes only one (how generous of me!!) of the following:

1. Chin Ups – Max Reps
2. Dips – Max Reps
3. Step Ups – 20 Each Leg
4. Body Row – Max Reps
5. Hindu Pushups – Max Reps
6. Jump Squats – 20 Reps
7. Pushups – Max Reps
8. Static Lunges – 20 Reps Each leg

You are now officially done! Total time should be 30 minutes or just under. If you aren’t questioning why the hell you are doing this workout from about the five minute mark onwards, then you need to lift the intensity.
You should be cursing my name by the time you hit the final stage, and you should be as happy as Larry once you are finished!

Once it’s all over you will have completed one of the toughest workouts I’ve tried and you’ll also be closer to your strength, fitness and fat loss goals.

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