Top 10 Fat Loss Coaches – Fitness Experts To Follow

by James Kerrison on September 15, 2010

Fat loss coaches and fitness coaches come a dime a dozen. With approximately 600 bazillion websites out there it can be hard to know where to start looking for quality information. There are literally thousands of fitness and fat loss coaches out there doing their thing and I have narrowed it down to who I think are the top ten. No ego boosting here either, I left myself off the list :)

1. Craig Ballantyne – Creator of Turbulence Training

Craig has taken the basic concept of using resistance training and interval training to the next level. His ‘Say No To Cardio’ approach is the same as mine and delivers results every time.

2. Brad Pilon – Creator of Eat Stop Eat

I had never heard of planned intermittent fasting before I had read Brad’s book Eat Stop Eat. It truly opened my mind to what is real, what we think is real and how the brain really does control your body. Since reading the book I have used the concept with a number of clients all of whom have had success with this strategy. Brad likes to spread the truth from an unbiased point of view!

3. Mike Geary – Creator of The Truth About Abs

Mike is a self confessed lazy person! So he likes to keep things simple and effective. This is true with his workout plans as well as his eating advice. Remember though, simple doesn’t always translate to easy and that is especially true with the workouts in The Truth About Abs.

4. Alwyn Cosgrove – Co Creator of Warp Speed Fat Loss

If there is a trainer out there that is less politically correct than Alwyn, I am yet to meet him or her! You don’t get any fluff from Alwyn and you won’t get anything that requires less than 100% of your effort. Straight to the point and brutally effective workouts set Alwyn apart from the rest of the bunch.

5. Joel Marion – Creator of Xtreme Fat Loss Diet

When it comes to body transformation experts, Joel is the man. He is the ‘Body For Life Grand Champion’ and has taken everything he knows and used that with thousands of clients worldwide. His Xtreme Fat Loss Diet has taken short term weight loss to, um, extreme levels. Some people have said his programs are too hard and too strict. The people that didn’t believe this got the best results of their life!

6. Tom Venuto – Creator of Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle

Tom has stood the test of time with his training methods and philosophies. But instead of simply relying on past work and reputation, Tom is continually tweaking and testing his programs to get maximum results every time.

7. Isabel De Los Rios – Creator of The Diet Solution Program

Food glorious food. You should enjoy eating plenty of healthy foods and this should help you lose weight as well. If you like your diet to pack a punch with flavour, variety and fat loss then Isabel will point you in the right direction.

8. Rob Poulos – Creator of The Fat Burning Furnace

Rob is like the OG of fat loss. Back in the day when big hair was cool and fat loss was all about low fat diets and aerobics, Rob decided to change the game, opting for interval training, weight training and a balanced diet. He decided to keep the hair which gets him demoted on the list!

9. Dr. Kareem Samhouri – Creator of Double Edged Fat Loss

Dr K is one of the very few real doctors that gets fitness and gets fat loss. He is also one of the few that practices what he preaches. This means he gets ticks in all of the right boxes. His knowledge of the human body, injury prevention and training with injuries is second to none.

10. John Romaniello – Creator of Final Phase Fat Loss

If there was a list for awesomeness John would be at the top, just ask him!! If you saw how he eats on cheat days you would probably feel sick. Having said that his stuff works!

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