Truth About Weight Loss and Cardio – Part One

by James Kerrison on April 19, 2011

  • You can lose weight healthily
  • You can lose weight unhealthily
  • You can gain weight healthily
  • You can gain weight unhealthily
  • Eat healthy foods to be healthier
  • Eat unhealthy foods to be less healthy
  • You can eat healthy foods and lose weight
  • You can eat healthy foods and gain weight
  • If you consume more energy (calories from food/drink) than your body requires it will be stored.
  • If you consume less energy than your body requires you will lose something (typically fat or muscle)
  • Resistance training will help you to keep your muscles.
  • Cardiovascular exercise (cardio) is a great way to get fitter.
  • Cardio is a very poor weight loss strategy.
  • You can get fitter and fatter at the same time.
  • This is what’s in my head…what do you want to know more about? Leave a comment below….

If you have ever thought that eating ‘healthy’ and doing some ‘cardio’ was a good strategy for weight loss, you need to leave a comment below.

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