Visual Impact For Women – Set For Release Early February

by James Kerrison on January 30, 2011

Visual Impact for Women is the latest product to come from the desk of my friend and fellow trainer Rusty Moore. I just received and email giving me the heads up that he is hoping to release it live to the public in the first week in February.

As one of my loyal readers, I wanted to make sure you were the first to know about this upcoming release and to give you some info about the workout that has been designed, from top to toe, for women.

Who is Rusty Moore?

Rusty doesn’t need much of an introduction, and if you have spent any time on fitness forums or then you have probably seen some of his work. His approach to fitness training goes against the grain as he realizes that not everyone wants big muscles and a ripped six pack. His Fitness Black Book website and previous publication, Visual Impact Muscle Building, are all designed to give you the lean athletic look and not the big, bulky bodybuilder appearance.

What is Visual Impact For Women

Visual Impact for Women is the much awaited for and highly anticipated girls version of Visual Impact Muscle Building. While Rusty’s first program has been very successful for hundreds of women, this new release has tailored the whole program for women. What this means is that instead of focusing on muscle building, you will achieve the look you want, a flat stomach and a sexy toned body.

Men’s and women’s workouts need to be different because they have different goals in mind. As Rusty puts it, “Most women want to look good in a bikini and not look like a muscular fitness model”. He gets it, which means you get to have it too!

Brief Overview of Visual Impact For Women

1)  Main Manual (89 pages, thorough and easy to read)
2)  Fat Torching Cardio (19 pages, not what you are expecting)
3)  Exercise Demonstrations (229 pages, very thorough and complete)
4)  Printable Workout Charts (6 pages, handy useful resource)

Keep your eyes peeled because Visual Impact For Women will be released any day now….

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