What is a Boot camp?

by James Kerrison on June 28, 2009

After successfully launching Hobart’s only boot camp with a 30 day money back guarantee I thought it would be a good time to go over what I think a bootcamp should be.

It has to be fun. We have enough stress in our lives these days so when it comes to choosing an extra curricular activity it needs to be enjoyable. If you want someone yelling and screaming at you, then go and join the army, but if you want to get fitter, lose weight and fit back into your skinny jeans, then find a boot camp that is fun.

It has to be effective. As well as being stressed, and because of it, our time is very valuable. Gone are the days of slugging out hours of useless cardio with no results. A bootcamp for fat loss needs to be short (30-60 minutes) and deliver results. Interval type resistance training that we run at our bootcamps has been shown to be up to 9 times more effective for fat loss than most generic 60 minute workouts. If your trainer can’t give you some sort of guarantee to back up their services and promises. I’d think twice about joining.

It needs to be safe. Leave the tyre carrying overhead and other potentially dangerous exercises to the army. Sure if you want to develop mental toughness and the mindset required for war there might not be a better approach. But considering 95% of our campers want to get fitter and lose more fat then the best place for them to be is at the bootcamp training and not injured on the sideline.

It needs to have a trial. Boot camp exercises programs aren’t for everyone. Some people are happy to go solo, or do some smaller group session. Each to their own. The thing is though, you might not know if you are going to like something until you have tried it. It’s only fair that you can have a trial run, for free, before committing to anything.

It needs to be indoor. Just have a quick look outside….. We have had two and a half times the average monthly rainfall this month. Pushups in the mud sound enticing? Cancelled sessions due to poor weather just as you have found the motivation to change your life? Not what you need, we have enough stress in our lives remember! Sure we have option for training outside for the summer, but you should be going home just as clean as you turned up, with maybe just a bit of extra sweat on your workout gear.

So in a nutshell, I think bootcamp for fitness and fat loss should be fun, effective, guaranteed results, safe, indoor and have a free trial. It’s not a coincidence that our bootcamp has all of this in place.

If you want to try something different and turn your body into a fat burning furnace then look no further than Better Body Bootcamp. Hobart’s only boot camp for women that is guaranteed to deliver results in 30 days or you get your money back.

Check out the site –>> http://www.betterbodybootcamp.com.au

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