What’s Holding You Back?

by James Kerrison on February 22, 2010

This morning I did something that I have been putting off for at least five years.

It is something I have truly been fearful of.

Fearful to the point that when I thought about it I would feel nauseous, sweaty and my heart rate would rise.

When I found out I would be doing it, my eyes welled up because of the built up emotion I carried.

I had to do it, now was the time. I wasn’t going to be putting it off any longer.

Today, if you didn’t know is my 30th birthday. And kindly enough, my wife Racheal organised for me to go skydiving (that is, jump out of a perfectly good plane) from 10 000 feet.

This has been my number one fear since at least my 25th birthday when I said bravely that I would do it. Instead I packed my bags and moved to Queensland. Talk about confronting fears head on!! Then I have considered doing it every year since, as well as in most scenic cities we have visited, and never followed through.

The result? It gets worse. The built up anticipation and fear multiplies. What was once (possibly) completely reasonable now seems completely impossible.

(I remember lying on the couch when we lived in Broadbeach, eye closed, visualising flying up in the plane, opening the door and ‘jumping’ out. I fell off the couch, my heart was racing, and telling myself I couldn’t do it.)

Now having done it, I feel,… well I don’t really know how I feel.

I do feel a bit numb, I feel that I have a different perspective on life (and Hobart! what a view!!) but it’s hard to put how I feel into words.

What I do know however, is that I can now do anything I want to and that the only thing holding me back is myself and a negative outlook or mindset.

Which ever way you look at it, if you tell yourself that you can or can’t do something, you are going to be right.

So what is holding you back from achieving your goals? Chances are that you might have put some of your own obstacles in the way whether they be physical or mental.

Work on finding solutions and ways to overcome these obstacles instead of focusing on the problem.

Make a change to something in your control that will bring you closer to your goal instead of further away (and instead of making the obstacle appear bigger).

Utilise the information you have at your disposal and take action! Knowledge isn’t power unless you do something with it.

Today I want you to have a look at yourself in the mirror, ask yourself “What is my biggest fear? What is holding me back?”

Then openly ond honestly answer the question. Tell yourself what you are going to do to overcome this fear or obstacle.

Believe it then do it.

The rewards are amazing and cannot be put into words.

My experience today backs this up 100% and I want everyone to feel the same!

Have a great day.


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