What’s Your Excuse Again?

by James Kerrison on March 27, 2012

There are a lot of motivational and inspirational pictures and videos doing the rounds these days. They’ve always been there I just think we get exposed to many more because of Facebook and Youtube. To an extent because of this they can lose their impact, we are seeing all of this inspirational material while we are sitting down on our asses doing nothing!!

So to celebrate this grand IRONY, I’m going to add another one to the mix :)

Watch, read, like and share….then get outta that seat and get sweating!!


I’m too weak,
too slow
too big
I ate too much for breakfast
I’ve got a headache
it’s raining
my dog is sick
I can’t right now
I’m not inspired
makes me smell bad
I’m allergic to stuff
I’m fat
I’m thin
it’s too hot
I’m not right
I’ve got shin splints
a headache
I’m distracted
I’m exerting myself too much
I’d love to really, but I can’t, I just can’t
my favourite show is on
I’ve got a case of the Mondays
… the Tuesdays,
… the Wednesdays
I don’t wanna do this
I wanna do something else
after New Years
next Week
might make a mistake
I got homework
I feel bloated
I have gas
I got a hot date
my coach hates me
my mom won’t let me
I bruise easily
it’s too dark
it’s too cold
my blister hurts
this is dangerous
sorry, I don’t have a bike
I didn’t get enough sleep
my tummy hurts
it’s not in my genes
I don’t wanna look all tired out
I need a better coach
I don’t like getting tackled
I have a stomach ache
i’m not the athletic type
I don’t wanna get sweaty
I have better things to do
I don’t want to slow you down
do I have to do this?
as soon as I get a promotion
I think I’ll sit this one out
…and my feet hurt.

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