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by James Kerrison on April 19, 2012

When you’re on a good thing you’re on a good thing.

When that good thing gets even better, then you know life is good.

This would explain in brief my experience with Brad Pilon and Eat Stop Eat.

From trying my first experimental fast back in 2009 through to incorporating fasting into my everyday lifestyle, to changing my clients lives with this information, all I have is praise for the time, effort and passion that Brad puts into his work.

Now the first edition of ESE was fine. It had enough information to point you in the right direction and enough research backing up the theory of intermittent fasting. I mean how hard is it to tell people just not to eat for 24 hours once or twice a week?

But that wasn’t enough for Brad and he has kept up to date with all of the research coming out as well as using his own body as a base for experiments with the IF lifestyle.

Hence we are now luck enough to have the ‘Expanded 5th Edition’ of Eat Stop Eat. To use Brad’s words exactly:

The approach hasn’t changed (it’s still 1 or 2 fasts per week, each fast lasting 24 hours) and the basic message is still the same (view each fast as a mini ‘win’ and stress less about your food choices), I’ve just included more information on the health benefits, research, and application of fasting.

And that is why ESE has gone from a summary of Brad’s college tuition and graduate studies into a 177 page book complete with 247 references. (That’s right 247 references. If you were to look at one study per day, that’ll take you 8 months to get through!)

Because the standard dietary dogma states that we have to eat every few hours (and you will hear this just about everywhere) in order to keep your metabolism ticking over and preserve your lean muscle, no one questions this approach. But when you start telling people the opposite, that you don’t have to eat that often, and that your metabolism actually increases (even during a 72 hour fast, which neither Brad or I would recommend) then people want to see the proof.

Hence the 247 references.

Having that many references should be good enough for most people, but you want to see the real world results. There are plenty of those as well, just have a look at the testimonials on the Eat Stop Eat homepage (click HERE) or the results my clients are getting (click HERE or HERE)  when they incorporate fasting into their life.

So the ESE approach works both in the lab and in the real world which should keep everyone happy.

Now as well as being a smart sort of guy, Brad is pretty cool too. In fact before I go on I should mention his one other hard and fast, non negotiable ‘DIET RULE’. This one is very strict and I have embraced it in the last few weeks and feel better for doing so.


You’ve got to eat some chocolate ever day. Every single day. Talk about strict!

That might be a rule you’re willing to break, but I’m going to stay focused on this one :)

All jokes aside, eating chocolate every day is a great example of the ESE lifestyle, where you stress less about food, and get on with living while eating the foods you enjoy.

Back to Brad being cool.

Brad has been kind enough to let me give away two copies of the updated version of Eat Stop Eat.

To win one of these copies, all you have to do is answer this question by leaving a comment below…

“How would having Eat Stop Eat help you to finally achieve your fitness and fat loss goals?”

But hurry, you only have until midnight Sunday 22nd of April to enter.

If you already have a copy of ESE, then leave a comment telling us how Eat Stop Eat has helped you to achieve your fitness and fat loss goals. If your name is drawn then I will refund you the purchase price.

Good luck and I look forward to hearing from you.

PS – You must leave a comment before midnight Sunday, no exceptions.
Make sure to post your entry below now.
I’ll be reading each and every one of them and draw a winner Monday.


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