You Are Not Alone – I Get It Too

by James Kerrison on May 11, 2010

There you are focused on your goal of losing weight and getting fitter and along comes a big, nasty distraction.

It might be some advertising for some food or meal you know won’t help you reach your goal.

It might be a friend inviting you over for dinner that you know won’t have the healthy option you desire.

It might be your birthday, your partner’s birthday, a colleague’s birthday, a long lost cousin’s birthday…

It might be a holiday where you intend to stay on track but veer off because after all ‘I’m on holiday’.

Well let me tell you, I’ve been there and done that. And what’s more I’ve fallen victim to every marketing, social and mental trap out there.

That’s why I’m telling you…

“you are not alone”


“I get it too”

“So how does that help me” I hear you asking. “You making a mess of things doesn’t help me out”….

Here’s something else I know.

When I make those bad choices, I generally feel sh!t afterwards.

Overindulge – feel sick.

Too much sugar – sugar high (not always good) followed by massive sugar low (never good)

Poor snack choices – low energy, typically leading to more poor snack choices.

Amplify this with the fact that poor energy and feeling like rubbish leads also to a bad training session and you can see how this revolving circle leads you nowhere good.

So lets get back to the part where I help you!

Write down a list of every obstacle that you feel is in you way (past, present or potentially in your future). Now add to this list at least one if not two possible solutions to these obstacles.

And when I say write it down, I mean write it down. The mere act of doing this and not just thinking about it will completely change your outcome.

So now you have a list of solutions, not just a list of obstacles or problems. Also, you will have committed these solutions to your subconscious and when the problem arrises you will be much better equipped to deal with it. Your brain will be preprogrammed to deal with the situation because you have already visualised and written down this solution.

Follow this method and you will find not only that you are able to overcome all of those little obstacles that life puts in your way, but it will also be a lot less stressful when you are doing it.

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