Zero Calorie Condiments – Low or No Calorie Options

by James Kerrison on December 21, 2010

What you eat is going to make a big impact on and weight loss or weight management program.

Eating the right foods is one thing, but you also need to be careful of hidden calories in what you are adding to your food.

A common problem I see is that people add extra calories to their otherwise good food choices with flavor adding condiments.

Does this mean that I think your food should be boring and tasteless, of course not. If you don’t want to eat your food and it becomes an unpleasant chore, how likely is it that you will stick at it?

Your food has to taste good and there’s no reason why you should force yourself to eat foods that you don’t like given that there are plenty of good options available that will help you to lose weight.

The problem with most condiments is that they are high in calories, typically from sugar (and will be labelled ‘low fat’ etc). Salad dressings and mayonnaise are classic examples of this.

Instead of adding extra calories and sugar to your diet, try the following zero calorie condiments and keep your food interesting.

Hot Sauce

This is my favorite way to add some flavor and some zap to my food. Spicing food up is a great way to add flavor without the calories. A lot of the regular, supermarket hot sauces contain zero or very few calories. My personal favorite is the Nando’s Peri Peri Hot Sauce. It comes in a few strengths so you can have it somewhere between mild and super hot!

Vinegars/ Wine Vinegars

Wine vinegars and balsamic vinegar are popular in salad dressings and in Mediterranean dishes. You can get red and white wine vinegar varieties¬† and they both contains zero calories. You don’t need to add much of these to add a whole lot of flavor. It’s also handy to know that these vinegars can get better with age and will store up to two years. Once again you can get these from most supermarkets and can mix and match the flavours. Try with a little olive oil as well and you will have a high quality salad dressing that is actually good for you!

Lemon Juice

This isn’t quite zero calorie but it goes close enough. Add to this that lemon juice also helps to stabilise your blood sugar levels (a good thing for weight loss) and we have a winner. Lemon naturally has a sweet and sour combination of flavors and can be used with plenty of dishes. A dash or two with your fish or chicken, mixed in with your salad or even just to liven up a glass of water, lemon juice is very versatile. Store bought juices can have a heap of preservatives so go for a real lemon and squeeze some juice out of it. They last a¬† while and you can still get juice from them after they ‘appear’ dried up.


I don’t like mustard one little bit but plenty of people do. There are plenty of brands and options available so just check the labels to make sure that it is zero calorie or close to it.


Same as with mustard, I am not a fan of horseradish. It does go well with beef and seafood though and this zero calorie condiment has a fair bit of kick. Once again just check the label because some will have cream or sugar added which is exactly what we are trying to avoid.

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